Grant application rejected

If you have a disease that occurs more frequently, the chances are good that drugs already exist or are (want to) be developed, because from a pharmaceutical company's point of view, the investment is "worthwhile". But people with so-called "rare" diseases also want to benefit from the medical-technical achievements. No human being is "rare", everyone is unique and everyone has the right to medical care. Research institutions and pharmaceutical companies should think more globally and consider the findings of all research projects as profitable.

In order to research a genetic disease like laminopathy and finally develop a therapeutic method, well-trained scientists, time, patience and, of course, above all, financial means are needed.

Because of Covid-19, it is currently even harder to obtain research funding for rare diseases. Unfortunately, a first application to the German Research Society for funding of the Lamin project was rejected.
However, Maje’s disease is progressing and Maje and with her many other children who also suffer from this disease have no time to lose.

At the end of the year the Berlin team will submit another application to the DFG. Whether or not it will be accepted will surely be decided by the development of corona research.
Fortunately, we were able to lay the foundation for the research project with a large donation. But what will happen in 2021?

Every donation from you helps to continue the project and gives hope for a therapy to all those affected.

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