With super strength against muscle weakness

In cooperation with: is an initiative to promote research into muscle diseases, especially laminopathies. Muscle diseases are progressive and so far not curable. Often the disease manifests itself in early childhood, because the affected children are very weak and, for example, cannot hold their head alone and cannot crawl. Over time, the heart and lungs can also be affected. Now there is hope to stop this progressive disease!

The team of Prof. Dr. Spuler

The great research team of Prof. Dr. Spuler from Berlin has set itself the goal of developing a therapy to offer Maje and other affected people a better life perspective. The beginning has been made. Help us to push the project further and to be able to finance it also in 2021.

The long way to diagnosis

What are muscle diseases?

Current Research

The network behind Maje

Help Maje and other affected children to stop the progression of their disease!