Many great people support Maje on her way. They all have the same goal: To stop the disease!

Max Delbrück Center Berlin

Prof. Dr. Simone Spuler
Head of the Experimental and Clinical Research Center, Charité, Berlin

Photo: Thomas Rafalzyk

"Laminopathies are rare and difficult to understand. The research groups worldwide that are working on these diseases know each other and know that only by working together can a therapy be developed. We see the trust placed in us by the Initiative for Maje as a great responsibility. Together we can achieve the goal."

Deutsche Muskelschwund-Hilfe e.V.

Dirk Rosenkranz
Chairman of the Board

Photo: private

"In addition to our numerous support services for people with muscle disease and their families, promoting medical research is one of our central themes. This project to study laminopathies at the Max Delbrück Center could be a major breakthrough that could not only stop the disease in children like Maje, but also form the basis for curing many other diseases. We are convinced that this study will provide important results and that's why we will support this research project as much as we can."


International patient organisation for congenital muscle diseases

Gustavo Dziewczapolski
Scientific Director at CureCMD

“We definitely share the same interest in working together to benefit the CMD community.”

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