Donations support important research step

We can proudly announce that a part of the donations received can support another important research work in the group of Prof. Dr. Spuler.

The team in Berlin is working at full speed on the research of Majes’ disease. So far, the experiments are being conducted in the laboratory and the results would not yet be transferable to patients.
Therefore, the urgent question arises, of course, to what extent the findings from the laboratory can later be applied to people suffering from muscle disease.

Therefore, together with the Deutsche Muskelschwund-Hilfe e.V. we have decided to support the working group of Dr. Spuler in this important research step.

Christian Stadelmann, doctoral student at the Max Delbrück Center, wants to address this question. His approach is not gene specific. This means that not only Maje could one day benefit from his findings, but also people with different muscle diseases.

He describes his project like this:

“I want to use an innovative method to introduce gene correction instruments into muscle cells – through messengers RNA (mRNA). These instruments are based on the CRISPR-Cas9 method, for which the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded this year. I would like to thank the Muscular Dystrophy Relief Fund and the Mighty Maje Initiative for their generous and so important support”.

Christian Stadelmann, PhD student of the research group Prof. Dr. Spuler

We keep our fingers crossed for Mr. Stadelmann that his project will be successful and that Maje can also benefit from it at some point.